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This Planet's Most Potent Superfood Made By Honeybees To Be Shared With Human Beings
Fresh Royal Jelly + Free Superfoods
Our Limited-Time Royal Box Gives You 32 Ounces (2 Pounds) of 100% Raw Farm Fresh Royal Jelly, Which is Equal To a Full 12+ Month Supply. You Also Get Free Superfood Bonus Gifts and Free 2 Day Air Cold Shipping With Your Order...All For an Excellent Price. Amazing Royal Jelly is an Extremely Potent and Fast-Acting Health Superfood That Can Drastically Improve Your Quality of Life. This Special Offer Could Be a Life-Changing Event For You.
Amazing Royal Jelly was born out of a desire to share our planet's most concentrated nutritional superfood with the world....

When I first tried fresh royal jelly, I had a feeling I'd spend a good chunk of my life sharing this incredible ingredient with people.

I'm so passionate about fresh royal jelly because it's a 100% natural ingredient made by honeybees that can have an immediate and lasting impact on people's lives.

Yes, fresh royal jelly is meant to be shared between honeybees and human beings...

This is because fresh royal jelly has the potential to deliver greater health benefits than any other ingredient from nature.

Fresh royal jelly is nature's best kept secret superfood...
Fresh royal jelly has the potential to genuinely help people with...
  • Feminine reproductive health: Women often use royal jelly to assist with hormonal balance and menopausal symptoms
  • Masculine drive: Men often use fresh royal jelly to improve strength, stamina and overall performance
  • Skin: When applied topically, fresh royal jelly can improve the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and skin glands, as described by the Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Hair: Fresh royal jelly may help with hair growth, shine and dandruff
  • Brain function: 10-HDA, a unique ingredient found in fresh royal jelly, may be responsible for stimulating neural functions, short-term memory and learning
  • Happiness: Double-blind studies have shown a relationship between long-term royal jelly consumption and increased happiness & mood
  • Energy: Fresh royal jelly contains a variety of B vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals which help you feel alive and energized
  • Immunity: As a possible immunomodulating agent, fresh royal jelly can boost immune health, and help relieve inflammation, sinuses and allergies
Honeybees have blessed human Beings with this 100% Pure And Natural ingredient Straight From The Beehive...
Did you know fresh royal jelly is the #1 source of food for the Queen Bee?

The Queen Bee lives 4 to 5 years longer than other bees because of her exclusive diet consisting of fresh royal jelly.

This means fresh royal jelly helps the Queen Bee live 40x longer than ordinary worker bees.

The Queen Bee also becomes incredibly fertile during her lifetime, as she's capable of laying 2,000 eggs every day.

Incredible right? 

Now you know why we call ourselves Amazing Royal Jelly...

Fresh royal jelly is a 100% pure and natural ingredient which is very deserving of the "amazing" description in our company's name!
As Of September 2019, Our Fresh Royal Jelly Is Certified Fresh, Frothy And Extremely Healthy
We prep our fresh royal jelly in a clean commercial facility with lots of love and care. Every batch of our fresh royal jelly is lab-tested and inspected for maximum quality. We eat this stuff ourselves, and feed it to our friends and family, so we put forth great effort to source the best-quality fresh royal jelly in the world.
Did you know fresh royal jelly is the only naturally-occurring source of 10-HDA? 10-HDA is largely what makes fresh royal jelly so amazing. As of September 2019, our newest batch of fresh royal jelly contains 1.79% 10-HDA. On average, fresh royal jelly contains anywhere from 1.5% to 2.2% of 10-HDA. Our latest lab results are indicative of the extreme quality, freshness and potency of Amazing Royal Jelly.
When you try fresh royal jelly for yourself, you will experience...
 Enhanced Reproductive Health
 Improved Strength & Energy
 Better Skin, Hair, Brain Function, Immunity, Mood & More
Traditionally, fresh royal jelly has been an expensive and rare ingredient

This is due to the complicated process beekeepers must undergo to harvest fresh royal jelly.

For most of human history, fresh royal jelly was reserved exclusively for queens, kings, warriors and other privileged elites.

But today, the Amazing Royal Jelly team is committed to sharing fresh royal jelly with people from all walks of life.

Here's our special offer to you...

We're going to send you 1 super bottle of our 100% pure fresh royal jelly. 

Cold-shipped directly to your doorstep.

Each super bottle contains 32 oz (i.e. 2 pounds) of fresh royal jelly.

This is exactly like getting a 12 month supply of the world's most invigorating superfood.
Our 32 oz Bottle of Fresh Royal Jelly is equal to 15 standard sized (2.1 oz) bottles of Fresh Royal Jelly (which are valued at $33 each).

This means you're getting $495.00 worth of actual retail value with your Royal Box, plus another $123.85 worth of free superfoods...and free 2-Day Air insulated cold shipping ($50 value) all for an incredible price.

This is our absolute best offer ever made available to the public. 

Our Royal Box is designed to give you at least one full year of incredible fresh royal jelly health benefits at a price you cannot find anywhere else.
Please keep in mind we only stock fresh royal jelly that we personally use ourselves daily.

It's highly-potent and premium quality.

We will ship your fresh royal jelly using dark amber glass bottles, special insulated containers, frozen gel packs and mandatory 2nd Day Air shipping.

You will need to refrigerate your fresh royal jelly after you receive it.

We happily ship fresh royal jelly to anyone living in the 48 contiguous United States (we still love you Alaskans and Hawaiians).

Our careful fulfillment and shipping process ensures your fresh royal jelly arrives at your doorstep in a 100% safe and active state!
To your amazing health,

Amazing Royal Jelly
P.S. We're serious about this being a special offer. Here's our promise to you. When you grab your fresh royal jelly today, and use our fresh royal jelly for at least 30 days...you will feel amazing. Otherwise we'll return your money in full. If we can't help you feel amazing after just one month, we don't deserve your money anyway. This is how strongly we believe in our product. Go ahead and try our fresh royal jelly for 30 days at absolutely zero risk to you. We feed this same fresh royal jelly to our friends and family members. And we consider you family too. Welcome to the Amazing Royal Jelly family.

P.P.S. You can reach out to our Client Concierge team by sending an email to queenbee@amazingroyaljelly.com ~ and we will reply to your email within 8 business hours. Feel free to email us any questions, comments or requests you have. You can also call us at 469.759.9650 during our normal business operating hours. Our normal business operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 6PM, Central Standard Time (CST).
Amazing Royal Jelly's Real Customer Reviews + Testimonials
"For the past 32 years my wife and I have been involved in the health and fitness industry. Promoting all natural health and fitness which includes bodybuilding and Power lifting, at the Pro and Amateur level. We were involved in organizing these events that included promoting, judging, training and competing.
    Twenty-five years ago in pursuit of our goal of promoting and seeking a healthy lifestyle we discovered Nature's own Royal Jelly. We have used many different supplements that were genuine and bogus, however, Royal Jelly is the real deal. Used for over a thousand years by heads of state and rulers.

     I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and during my time of service I was exposed and as a result of that exposure l have had multiple health issues starting in 1979. My diagnosis was not promising. I was very ill, weak and thin from my health issues and sought other alternative to help my condition.

    My wife and I started to workout. We started to bodybuild and powerlift to help us achieve a healthy lifestyle and to help me to get back to my normal self again. We became aware of the use of supplementation to help us in our pursuit. We became aware of Royal Jelly and for the past 25 years have used Royal Jelly to improve our health as well as our physique and strength.

    We attribute our success to the use of Royal Jelly, not only did Royal Jelly help increase our strength and stamina but it increased our state of mind. We have used CBD oil but believe that Royal Jelly has been more beneficial for helping us to overcome our health issues and create a state of well being. 

We believe in this product and hope that others will find it beneficial as well. Another use of the Royal Jelly is that it will pass any drug test for bodybuilders because it is all natural for a healthy life."

~ Allen & Margaret McGill, Texas
"Love your product" ~ Gracie from California
"I have been taking fresh royal jelly for over 20 years. I keep it my health maintenance secret. No doubt about the product. Rarely do people do anything to help their own health. My opinion is great product. It naturally maintains my health all my life for over 20 years. This is first time I bought the fresh royal jelly from Amazing Royal Jelly. Real deal and natural, great product. Thank you all."

~ Jimmy from Georgia

Amazing Royal Jelly's 
100% No-Risk Promise
  • 100% No-Risk Promise: If Amazing Royal Jelly doesn't deliver the results you expect, you'll get your money back!
  • Order With Confidence: Every purchase on AmazingRoyalJelly.com is backed by our 100% No-Risk Promise!
  • You Have 30 Days To Try Us Out: Our 100% No-Risk Promise gives you a full 30 day window of opportunity to try Amazing Royal Jelly and experience genuine results or get your money back!
  • Yes, This Is a Real 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Order now and you'll have four weeks to decide if Amazing Royal Jelly truly works for your brain and body, and if it doesn't work for you for any reason at all, just email queenbee@amazingroyaljelly.com with the subject line "Refund Request" and we'll give you a 100% full refund down to the last penny!
Fresh Royal Jelly Nutrition + Label
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 What's Amazing Royal Jelly?

Amazing Royal Jelly is the name of our company because we focus on just one primary ingredient. Fresh royal jelly. We prefer 100% pure fresh royal jelly above nearly every other natural superfood available. We ship pure, cold, fresh royal jelly because it's exactly what we use ourselves. Nothing else compares.
 What's the difference between fresh royal jelly and other varieties of royal jelly?

The term "fresh royal jelly" indicates our royal jelly is 100% raw, farm fresh and pure ~ and must be kept refrigerated. Fresh royal jelly is the best form of royal jelly, because it's the same food that enables the Queen Bee to live 40x longer than other honeybees, and lay up to 2,000 eggs per day.
 Where is Amazing Royal Jelly located?

Our company headquarters is in Plano, Texas.

We prepare, package and ship your fresh royal jelly out of a 6,000 square foot commercial facility in Plano.
Our commercial facility's address is: 

Amazing Royal Jelly
2011 West Spring Creek Pkwy Suite 2000
Plano, TX 75023

We implement the highest standards of cleanliness and food safety as mandated by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
 Why should I try fresh royal jelly?

After personally experimenting with hundreds of different health foods, dietary supplements, spices, herbs, teas and everything else under the sun...we find fresh royal jelly to be the single most effective wholesome ingredient directly from nature. Fresh royal jelly is nature's greatest superfood. This is why we built an entire company around this single incredible ingredient.
 What makes your fresh royal jelly special?
Amazing Royal Jelly is dedicated to serving people in the United States with 100% fresh royal jelly. Fresh royal jelly is the #1 superfood ingredient we focus on. This is what enables us to focus all of our attention & energy on providing you with the best fresh royal jelly in the world.
 How much fresh royal jelly should I get?
Our Amazing Royal Jelly "Royal Box" is the best limited-time offer we've made available to the general public. 

Investing in a 32 oz bottle of our fresh royal jelly is like getting 15 standard-sized (2.1 oz) bottles of fresh royal jelly.

15 standard bottles of fresh royal jelly would normally cost you $495 at Whole Foods or a similar premium health food retailer.

Our 32 oz bottle of fresh royal jelly also comes with 7 free superfoods, which gives you another $123.85 worth of value ~ free of charge.

We're also giving you free 2 Day Air insulated cold shipping valued at $50.

Our limited-time Royal Box gives you $668.85 worth of actual retail value in our absolute best deal ever made available to the public.
 When will I receive my fresh royal jelly?

We ship all packages using 2nd Day Air shipping. Please keep in mind we ship packages on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For example:
  • If you place your order on Monday morning, you'll receive your package on Wednesday
  • If you place your order on Thursday morning, you'll receive your package on Saturday
  • If you place your order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we'll hold your order until the following Monday, then package and ship your order immediately, and you'll receive your package on Wednesday
 What happens after I place my order?

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email.

Once your order has shipped, you will then receive a shipping confirmation email which contains your package's unique tracking number.

Your unique tracking number will tell you exactly when your fresh royal jelly is expected to arrive.

Please note: 

You'll typically receive your shipping confirmation email (with tracking number) ~8 business hours after placing your order.

As long as you receive your order confirmation email, you can rest assured we are preparing your fresh royal jelly and shipping your package as fast as humanly possible.
 Why do you ship fresh royal jelly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays?

We ship fresh royal jelly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to ensure your package arrives by Saturday at the latest. In essence, we don't want your package getting stuck somewhere on a Sunday, because Sunday is a notoriously tricky day of the week for shipping perishable foods. This is also how we can guarantee the safety, freshness and potency of your fresh royal jelly experience. 

Please keep in mind we ALWAYS accept online orders, 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

The sooner you place your order, the sooner your order will be processed and shipped.
 Is there a certain "cutoff time" for placing my order?
We happily accept orders 24 hours, 7 days a week right here on AmazingRoyalJelly.com. 

With this being said, if you place your order before 2PM CST, Monday through Thursday, your order will be packaged and shipped the very same day. 

Orders placed after 2PM CST will be packaged and shipped as soon as possible, which typically means your order will be shipped the very next business day (in accordance with our Monday - Thursday shipping schedule).
 Who should I contact if I have any questions or comments?

We are obsessed with servicing our clients. Please feel free to reach out to our Client Concierge team by sending an email to queenbee@amazingroyaljelly.com and we will reply to your email within 8 business hours. 

You can also call us at 469.759.9650 from 8AM to 6PM Central Standard Time (CST), Monday through Friday.
 Are there any health precautions to consider when using fresh royal jelly?

Most people respond extremely well to fresh royal jelly. Of course, there is a tiny subset of the population that may respond negatively to honeybee products. If you've ever had any issues with bee allergies, honey or similar bee products, you shouldn't use fresh royal jelly. Keep in mind fresh royal jelly is not recommended for infants under one year of age. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner if you have any medical questions regarding fresh royal jelly.
 Will my fresh royal jelly ship frozen?

Our fresh royal jelly is stored and shipped frozen, but won't arrive frozen due to outdoor weather conditions. However, we guarantee your fresh royal jelly arrives in a perfectly fresh, safe and potent state. We can make this guarantee because of our cold shipping technologies, carefulness, and urgency in shipping your fresh royal jelly. We use dark amber glass bottles, special insulated shipping containers, refrigerants and mandatory 2nd Day Air shipping to ensure your fresh royal jelly arrives perfectly fresh. 

Please keep in mind fresh royal jelly is routinely eaten by honeybees inside the beehive at temperatures higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. While we make every effort to ensure your fresh royal jelly arrives as cold as possible, nature has proven fresh royal jelly to be an extremely durable ingredient that won't turn bad after just 48 hours of insulated cold shipping. Even under the hottest conditions, your superfood will arrive perfectly fresh. Simply transfer your fresh royal jelly to a refrigerator and enjoy!
 Will my fresh royal jelly arrive in a glass or plastic bottle?

We ship fresh royal jelly in dark amber glass bottles. We use dark amber glass to protect the fresh royal jelly from light, and preserve the fresh royal jelly's powerful nutrients, enzymes, B vitamins, amino acids and many other valuable compounds.
 Will my fresh royal jelly come with a spoon?

Yes, your fresh royal jelly will come with at least one micro spoon that helps you easily scoop out a 1/4 teaspoon serving size.
 How do I get started?

Just click the "ADD TO CART" button below and you'll be taken to our simple & secure order form. From there, you can choose one of our special offers. We recommend our limited-time Royal Box for maximum value and convenience. The entire checkout process should take you less than one minute.
FREE Superfood Bonus #1:
Royal Orange Honey 2.90 Oz Mini Jars
$29.91 Actual Retail Value
Yours Free
For a limited time, every Royal Box purchased on AmazingRoyalJelly.com also comes with 3 free mini jars of Royal Orange Honey...

Our Royal Orange Honey is a special combination of raw honey carefully blended with fresh royal jelly, organic Ceylon cinnamon and organic orange oil.

Royal Orange Honey serves as a great "booster" whenever you need an extra little kick of royal jelly benefits.

Best of all, raw honey is incredibly synergistic with fresh royal jelly.

So if you'd like to instantly enhance the benefits of taking fresh royal jelly, you won't even have to do anything else. We're taking care of this for you.

Please keep in mind this unique honey comes pre-mixed with fresh royal jelly...

But people often "chase" their normal dose of 100% pure fresh royal jelly using our Royal Orange Honey as well!

This gives you a double dose of nature's greatest superfood, and helps you feel amazing all day long.

These 3 Royal Orange Honey mini jars are a $29.91 actual retail value ~ yours 100% free.
*Please note: You must purchase Amazing Royal Jelly's Royal Box to receive this special free bonus offer. The other package options listed on AmazingRoyalJelly.com contain different free bonuses.
FREE Superfood Bonus #2:
Royal Jelly Golden Powder 2.10 Oz
Standard Bottles
$62.00 Actual Retail Value
Yours Free
Every Royal Box purchased on AmazingRoyalJelly.com now comes with 2 free standard-sized bottles of Royal Jelly Golden Powder.

Royal Jelly Golden Powder is fresh royal jelly that has been freeze-dried and concentrated into a 3.5x potency royal jelly powder.

This powder is ideal for blending with fruit smoothies, protein shakes and fresh juices.

And because Royal Jelly Golden Powder is shelf-stable, it's extremely convenient for using on-the-go.

You might carry these bottles in your gym bag, handbag, backpack ~ or just keep them handy on the kitchen counter for using Royal Jelly Golden Powder before or after work.

These 2 standard-sized (2.10 oz) bottles of Royal Jelly Golden Powder will last you multiple months, and serve as an excellent "travel companion" for taking with you literally anywhere in the world.

These 2 free standard-sized bottles of Royal Jelly Golden Powder are a $62.00 actual retail value ~ yours 100% free.
*Please note: You must purchase Amazing Royal Jelly's Royal Box to receive this special free bonus offer. The other package options listed on AmazingRoyalJelly.com contain different free bonuses.
FREE Superfood Bonus #3:
Fresh Royal Jelly 0.80 Oz 
Mini Bottles
$31.94 Actual Retail Value
Yours Free
For a limited time only, every Royal Box purchased on AmazingRoyalJelly.com comes with 2 free mini bottles of Fresh Royal Jelly.

Of course, you're already getting a big 32 oz super bottle of fresh royal jelly with your Royal Box.

But we wanted to "top you off" with a little something extra.

These two 0.80 oz mini bottles of fresh royal jelly make for an excellent bonus gift because when combined, they'll give you an extra month of fresh royal jelly health benefits!

You can use these fresh royal jelly mini bottles for yourself, or pass them along to a friend or family member.

These two free mini bottles of fresh royal jelly are a $31.94 actual retail value ~ yours 100% free.
*Please note: You must purchase Amazing Royal Jelly's Royal Box to receive this special free bonus offer. The other package options listed on AmazingRoyalJelly.com contain different free bonuses.
Our Royal Box Bonanza Is Officially LIVE:
You Have The Opportunity To Get
$668.85 Worth Of Royal Jelly
For A SUPER Price
That Has Never Been Offered Before
...Until Now
The good news is if you can read this message right now ~ our Amazing Royal Jelly Royal Box is still in stock and available for purchase.

But the honest-to-goodness truth is this Royal Box is so much of a "giveaway" that we're unable to tell how much longer we'll be able to keep this offer publicly available.

We're making this Royal Box available to the public for a very limited time only, because Amazing Royal Jelly is committed to rewarding those women and men who are seeking a significantly higher quality of living.

We believe so much in the powerful health benefits of fresh royal jelly, and know how well fresh royal jelly works for people, so you can consider this a "celebration" of fresh royal jelly.

Just one question remains...

Are you ready to join the party?

Because if you're reading this message right now, and you're seeking a higher quality of health and livelihood, Amazing Royal Jelly's Royal Box is still available for you to take advantage of. 

But we genuinely do not know how much longer our Royal Box will be available. 

This is one of those rare opportunities that will disappear after an undisclosed amount of time.

(We'll take down this page once our Royal Box is no longer available).

We recommend taking advantage of this special opportunity while you can still claim $668.85 worth of actual fresh royal jelly retail value for an incredible price that has never been offered before.

The choice is yours. 

But of course, we would LOVE for you to join the fun before it's too late.
Order Your Royal Box Now
Royal Box
Fresh Royal Jelly 12+ Month Supply
1 Super 32 Oz (2 LB) Bottle Fresh Royal Jelly 
+ 7 Free Bonus Superfoods
(Actual Retail Value: $668.85)
FREE SUPERFOOD: 3 Royal Orange Honey 2.90 Oz Mini Jars
FREE SUPERFOOD: 2 Royal Jelly Golden Powder 2.10 Oz Standard Bottles
FREE SUPERFOOD: 2 Fresh Royal Jelly 0.80 Oz Mini Bottles
Every Order Placed On AmazingRoyalJelly.com 
Comes With FREE Superfoods, FREE 2 Day Cold Shipping, Heavily Discounted Pricing and Our 100% No-Risk Guarantee
Fresh royal jelly has been prized as a superfood for centuries.

Long ago, people like Cleopatra, the famous ruler of ancient Egypt, and Hippocrates, the ancient Greek 'father of medicine' realized using fresh royal jelly can lead to a major improvement in one's health and quality of life.

However, fresh royal jelly is still a relatively new superfood concept here in the Western world.

This is why we're counting on you to join our celebration of fresh royal jelly, and help spread the word about the incredible benefits of this amazing superfood.

This might sound kind of strange, but eating fresh royal jelly on a daily basis has had a massive impact on my quality of life. I am confident fresh royal jelly will have a similar impact on your quality of life too.

Woman or man, it doesn't matter. Everyone benefits from consuming this incredible little superfood made by honeybees to be shared with human beings.

Welcome to your new life.
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Return Policy
Amazing Royal Jelly Guarantee: The Amazing Royal Jelly team prioritizes client results and happiness above all else. We are a health food company with an overwhelming focus on hospitality. This is why we offer a complete 30-day money-back promise. If at any point you decide our fresh royal jelly isn't amazing, you are protected by our 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us the empty bottles, and we will refund your entire original purchase amount (less the shipping costs). No questions asked. If you are unhappy with your purchase, and you would like to request a refund, here's exactly what you need to do:
  • ​Send an email to queenbee@amazingroyaljelly.com within 30 days of ordering and state you are requesting a refund
  • ​We will reply to your email within 8 business hours and provide you with a unique refund confirmation number, and the appropriate shipping address for your return
  • ​Due to the cost-intensive nature of our business model (shipping frozen perishable superfoods using 2 Day Air shipping) it is your obligation to pay for return postage (for the time being), and we recommend you utilize tracking to help streamline the refund process
  • ​We will refund your entire original purchase amount, excluding shipping costs, as long as all bottles purchased are returned
  • Please note: We must receive your empty bottles within 45 days of the original date of purchase for your return to be considered valid
  • ​Please include your Amazing Royal Jelly invoice and the unique refund confirmation number you have been assigned when returning empty bottles
  • ​It may take a few weeks for our clients to experience the complete beneficial results of using fresh royal jelly, which is why our policy is to issue refunds inside 30 days of use
These guidelines are designed to ensure your 100% success and happiness with our fresh royal jelly products, while also ensuring we're able to continue providing our clients with high-quality health foods and premium service for many years to come. 

Due to the cost-intensive nature of our business model (mailing frozen perishable superfoods directly to U.S. residents using 2 Day Air shipping) you will need to return your Amazing Royal Jelly products in accordance with our return policy to expedite the process of receiving your refund.

After complying with the steps above, please allow adequate time for return shipping and communication with credit card companies and banks.

We are constantly looking for ways to optimize our refund policy and business processes ~ so you can rest assured that Amazing Royal Jelly is fully committed to serving you at the highest levels possible.
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